Book a round trip

Book a round trip

Howto purchase tickets?

Upon your arrival at the Airport, after you exit the baggage claim area on the right-hand side you will find Korkyra info counter, where you can purchase Airport shuttle bus ticket to our destinations. Also you can book tickets on our web site or you can make a reservation on mail via our contact form. Your last solution is the possibility to buy ticket ont he bus from bus driver (in case the office is closed). We highly recommend ticket reservation in advance due to limited places in vehicles.

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Price for one-way ticket

  • Orebić

    225,00 HRK / 30,00 €
  • Trpanj

    255,00 HRK / 34,00 €
  • Prapratno

    165,00 HRK / 22,00 €
  • Slano

    125,00 HRK / 17,00 €
  • Orašac

    90,00 HRK / 12,00 €
  • Korčula

    240,00 HRK / 32,00 €
  • Lumbarda

    255,00 HRK / 34,00 €
  • Brna

    300,00 HRK / 40,00 €
  • Vela Luka

    300,00 HRK / 40,00 €

Airport Shuttle Bus Departures


Shuttle bus departures in 2018 from airport are connected to regular line arrivals for airplane groups according to following schedule

Most frequent departures

  • minimum 3 times a day
  • pre-book 48 hours in advance

If you do not see departure suitable to you, please contact us and we will open a new departures for you!


Shuttle bus departures in 2019 from destinations are connected to regular line departures for airplane groups

Most frequent departures

  • minimum 3 times a day
  • pre-book 48 hours in advance

Pick up stations

  • VELA LUKA – hotel Korkyra
  • BRNA – hotel Amines Lume
  • LUMBARDA – center bus station
  • KORČULA – Korkyra info travel agency
  • OREBIĆ – Grand hotel Orebić, Studenac bus station
  • TRPANJ – hotel Faraon
  • PRAPRATNO – ferry pier
  • STON – center bus station
  • SLANO – hotel Admiral
  • ORAŠAC – hotel Radisson Blue

Pick up time for destinations

-Korčula time -60min
-Korčula time -35min
-Korčula time -15min
-Korčula time +-0,00 min
-Korčula time +20min
-Korčula time +20min
-Korčula time +80min
-Korčula time +90 min
-Korčula time +110min
-Korčula time +130min


Passengers who have made their reservations have insured their transportation, also in case of any major delayes in landing, and all according to our estimated regular and extra departures (announced three days ahead) of shuttle bus. Round ticket can be reserved at our agencies with a discount of 5%. A guarantee for your seat is only possible with reservation through our contact form, e-mail or cell phone number +385 (0)91 57 14 355. Reservations can be made at least 12 hours before planned shuttle bus departure.

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Time of transportation

It is recommended to always check the exact time of the airport transportation through our contact form two days prior travelling

Number of passengers

Shuttle line does not open only for one passenger. We must have two or more passengers

On request

MAY AND OCTOBER on request only

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